Advantages Of Exterior Wall Cladding

The first look at any building or house will tell a lot about the people living in it. This means you see the house from outside and the exterior looks damp, you might think of the people that they don’t have an aesthetic sense for living. But usually, the problem is that the exterior of every building is exposed to atmospheric elements like wind, dust, rain etc. All these elements can impact the exterior look of any house. Choosing the right material for the exterior of your house is challenging and you always have to go for frequent renovations especially for the exterior of the house. A good option can be exterior wall cladding as it is sustainable and can last for longer, instead of exterior paints. People prefer exterior wall cladding in auckland as it has long-lasting benefits;

Save money on Paint:

When you opt for paints for exterior walls, it means you have chosen to repaint your exterior wall every 2 years. Because the elements like dust, wind or rain, will wither off the paint with time. No paint can withstand all these external environments for long. You will be going for repaint every year or at least after 2 years. The repaint means you have to spend the money plus the hassle of painting the house. Whereas, when you opt for exterior wall cladding or use weatherboard, you get the benefits that they can last for longer. Maybe installing the exterior wall cladding seems to be expensive, but you will be saving money in years to come.

Low maintenance:

Not only that you will save your money because of exterior wall cladding or timber weatherboard in auckland, but there will be low maintenance. In the comparison of exterior paint, where you will always need touch up after a while and complete repaint job after 2 years, the exterior wall cladding. The exterior wall cladding doesn’t need continuous maintenance even the cleaning for the wall cladding is simpler. Once, the exterior wall cladding is installed, you don’t have to spend money on it


The exterior wall cladding is eye-catching. It’s not only because of durability or maintenance, but people also prefer exterior wall cladding or weatherboard because it was aesthetically pleasing. In the comparison of paint, the exterior wall cladding provides room for various designs and styles. The exterior wall cladding uplifts the face of your house and it also gives an artistic touch to the façade.

More Protection:

The exterior wall cladding adds an extra layer of protection for the structure. The exterior wall cladding or weatherboard protects the structure from corrosion and weathering. In a region, where the weather is quite harsh like extremely hot or cold, then exterior wall cladding or weatherboard helps to protect the building.